The Bouteligier Janssens Grouping of Lawyers is the result of a merger of two firms: the Buisseret firm and the Machiels firm.

The founder of the Buisseret firm was LL.M. Edouard Buisseret. He embarked on his practical training in 1913 with LL.M. Albert Maeterlinck and founded a new firm with the son of the former. The firm expanded quickly and became known as ‘Buisseret Clinck’. In 1975, the firm moved to Louizastraat, where it still located today. For many years, it was mainly a maritime firm. Apart from being lawyers, LL.M. Claude Buisseret and LL.M. Ignace Clinck were also professors of maritime law. Along with the expansion of the industrial activities in the Port of Antwerp, the firm broadened its vocation to include the assistance of national and international companies. The company has since branched out to other fields of law.

The Machiels firm originated from the firm of the late LL.M. Carlo Van Den Bosch, which held office at Schermersstraat 30 for many years. LL.M. Jean Machiels expanded the firm from the 1950s, and it became specialized in insurance law in general and liability law in particular. He was joined by LL.M. Leo Bouteligier in 1972 and LL.M. Patrick Kortleven in 1980. Insurance law in all its bearings remained the core activity, but the firm also frequently handled cases in commercial and economic law, construction and contracting law and related branches.

The firms merged in 2009.

The eight founding lawyers opted to operate as a Grouping of Lawyers: a partnership of independent lawyers. The firm’s name is modelled on the Anglo-Saxon system and includes the names of both former Presidents of the Bar who are members of the Grouping.