Legal information

The code of economic law requires Belgian lawyers to supply certain information to their clients.

This information is important. You’re kindly requested to read it as well as to visit the other pages of this website.

The lawyers of BOUTELIGIER JANSSENS GROUPING OF LAWYERS are all members of the Bar Association in Antwerp. They have obtained the title of lawyer in Belgium.

The lawyers of BOUTELIGIER JANSSENS GROUPING OF LAWYERS deploy their professional activities as lawyers in a grouping, in the sense of the article 170 (previously art. V.1.1.1.) of the Ethics Code of lawyers of the Flemisch Bar (OVB). A grouping is a cooperative arrangement in which each of the members have arranged how they share costs of supporting the pursuit of their professional activities and the collective services they offer to their clients.

Therefore the agreements are made with an individual lawyer (or a partnership) and not with BOUTELIGIER JANSSENS GROUPING OF LAWYERS.

The enterprise number of BOUTELIGIER JANSSENS GROUPING OF LAWYERS is 0544.586.605.  The study is established at 2000 Antwerp, Louizastraat 32 (p.o. box 1). The phone number  of the office is 03/231.17.14, the fax number is 03/233.08.36.

The lawyers email addresses is: first name.second

The enterprise numbers of the individual lawyers can be found on the webpage where they are presented.